Talking to people who disagree with me

From Ali Abu Awwad

Video Interview Transcript

Dialogue is the secure place for argument. When people feel secure to argue, they will definitely feel secure to agree. And that's why I speak to settlers in this piece of land that belonged to my family when I created the Palestinian Nonviolence Center "Dignity", "Karama" in Arabic. It's to talk to the people who disagree with me. Because you don't make peace with friends. You make peace with enemies. So if you want this dialogue to be effective, you need the people who disagree with you to talk to you and to be able to see you, because they practice to live their own truth by denying you. And in a way, after a process of dialogue, suddenly, they discover they were blind to your truth. And this is peace, peace is when two truths can fit together with dignity and for both sides. That's peace. Peace for me is dignity, living in dignity.

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