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Try dialogue again and again

From Assaad Chaftari

Never use violence because it's useless. Try to dialogue again and again.

Video Interview Transcript

In 1975 to 1990, the long civil war, nobody wants to speak of it. I thought that if I stayed silent, it would be a worse sin than what I did during the war because I had to tell the younger generations that, come on: we, I and my generation maybe did mistakes. Don't repeat them. Please don't repeat them. Go and check to see if what you hear about the other is true or not. And try dialogue again and again and again and never never use violence because it's useless and it will lead to nothing, you know. It will kill people. It will destroy a country and it will lead to nothing at all.

Discussion starter questions
  • How do you see the place of violence in conflict resolution?
  • ...

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