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True dialogue is beyond any estimate value

From Don Mosley


Dialogue opens oneself.

Video Interview Transcript

I believe true dialogue is beyond any estimate of value, I mean, it is so valuable that it just enriches our lives terrifically as opposed to fighting and arguing and using my set of ideas versus yours. You're wrong, you know. No, dialogue opens oneself. And so that I would say one of the things that people can dialogue about the quickest, the most quickly is smiling children, babies, these refugee mothers who come here and have their babies that they've somehow managed to save from very violent situations and to talk mothers from this culture talking to mothers, that's dialogue because we all love children. Debate and arguing over stereotypes or over theoretical ideas usually divides us, it does not bring us together. We've had lots of rich dialogue here at Jubilee, thanks to all of these refugees coming.

Discussion starter questions
  • What value do you give to dialogue?
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Director's note

Don Mosley experienced the richness of dialogue. He gives us a short testimony of what he learned by welcoming more than 4000 refugees.

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