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What dialog requires to be fruitful

From Ramez Salamé

Dialog requires courage and being willing to see how I can fix my mistakes toward that person.

Video Interview Transcript

Well I think of two things: First, courage. It requires courage especially when you're in your own tribe, people are not for, dialog, for peaceful solution. So it requires a lot of courage to in spite of that to do a step towards the others and invite them for a dialog. This is the first thing. The other thing is this: the dialog to be fruitful - we come back to this first question we spoke about - for dialog to be fruitful you have to be ready to admit where you have been wrong. You see. Or to listen carefully to the other person in order to see how much he may be right in what he's saying.
So if, for instance, you feel that you have been wrong 10% and the other person has been wrong 90%, the person who is a peace builder, a true peace builder, would start by admitting that 10%. And by trying to rectify you know these 10%. Put them right. And sometimes they can be portrayed just by a simple word, you know, that: "I'm sorry. You're right". You know, in this respect "you're right". And "we've done wrong, please forgive us". You know, or something like that. Or do a step something you know which shows that you want to put right this little apart. So this will... this will open the way for the other person also to see also what he has been wrong though it's not a condition when you do that yourself. You don't do it out of... out of expecting the other you seek to do what he has to do. But out of truth, you know, out of truth, out of real true honesty.

Discussion starter questions
  • How do you see the place of admitting your wrongs in a peace dialog?
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