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Nonviolence is an art

From Ali Abu Awwad

Nonviolence is an identity. It's not a strategy or a tactic.

Video Interview Transcript

Non-violence is an identity. It's not a strategy or a tactic. It's not to respond to something, nonviolence is a mentality. Nonviolence is an art. I mean to be an artist of your humanity, to bring the best of your humanity outside. And nonviolence is to be strong, I mean. To revenge is easy. It take one minute to kill a person, but to heal life, takes all of your life. And finally I was released, I was released because I think I succeeded to discover that the best revenge is to reconcile. Because no one can resist your heart as a human being.

Discussion starter questions
  • Have you experienced reconciliation in your life? How did it feel?
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Director's note

In this interview, Ali explains why he didn't choose revenge when his brother was killed and that there is something more peaceful but something that will take all of your life.

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