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Enlightenment experience changes people

From Andrew Newberg

The enlightenment experience changes the way we think about the world, the way we think about life and death, meaning and purpose in life.

Video Interview Transcript

We've run an online survey of people's most intense enlightenment or spiritual experiences. A lot of what we have found through that process are certain core elements of the enlightenment experience and they include: A feeling of unity, a feeling of connectedness with others, a sense of clarity that we finally, you know, a person finally understands the world in a way that they hadn't understood the world before.
A feeling of intensity: it is the most intense experience that they've ever had, the most incredible feeling of love that they've ever felt.
And then there's also this notion of surrendering to the experience. This idea that we are not making it happen, that it is something that kind of happens to us.
And then there's ultimately the permanence of it that it rearranges us within moments. The experience goes beyond what they had really believed before and it changes the way they think, it changes the way they think about their relationships, the way they think about the world, the way they think about life and death, meaning and purpose in life.

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  • Have you had an enlightenment experience? How was it?
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