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We are tied by things which we have done wrong in our life

From Ramez Salamé


We are tied by things which we have done wrong. When you try to repair that, you are empowered to do your heart's desires.

Video Interview Transcript

From my own experience I can say this. That often we want our countries or certain situations in which we are to change and we feel that we would not able to offer this change or to produce this change. And I think it's because we're not using the true capacity we hold in ourselves. We are using only a small part of this capacity. If I want now you know having become a very grown up person to tell you what at that time, I had not of course discovered I was experiencing but which now you know I hold as a truth.
We want to bring change to our countries to the world but yet we are tied ourselves. We are tied by things which we have done wrong in our life. It cannot, we can't do it unless you tackle these things these wrong things which you have done in the past. Even if they are very small if you tackle them if you try to repair that then you are empowered to do what you wish to do deep down in your heart. So this is why I believe that unless we go back to our own self, to our own life to our own past see when we have been wronged truly.
And this is why those criteria I mentioned to you the person who proposed these criteria he said absolute you know so that you don't cheat with yourself. Not relative love, not relative unselfishness, not relative honesty. So you don't cheat with yourself. So you really honestly see you know all these things that needs to be repaired in your life things where the others would expect you know to do something to amend you know this wrong. I feel when one does this, then he becomes free then he becomes really free you know. And its with this freedom that you can affect situations that are outside of you. So this is in a way the philosophy of how changing oneself is necessary really if we want to be used to change our countries our society and the world.

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Director's note

This was a tipping point of this interview with Ramez. I could feel that he was getting at something very deep and important for him. Probably one of his life message for us all.

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