What loving your enemy does

From Andrew Newberg

Video Interview Transcript

If a person continues to engage in this kind of meditative practice, the notion of feeling love and compassion for others even if it is feeling of love and compassion for an enemy, for someone who theoretically you should hate or who has done bad things to you. As you do these kinds of practices, your brain can actually move into a different state of consciousness. And it can actually be totally infused with these very positive feelings. So it can be a kind of mystical experience and a trance state that changes the entire way of the person's brain functioning. Many different parts of the brain then start to turn on and off depending on what the person is actually feeling. The person may not only feel a sense of love and compassion for another individual, but may sense a profound connection to that person. They feel that they are intimately connected with other people whether it's specific people or humanity in general. And that sense of connectedness is also an important part of that feeling of love and compassion for people.

Director's note

What happens when a person engage in loving his enemy as far as the brain is concerned? A lot actually...

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