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Empathy is not a soft negative thing, it’s a strength!

From Sharon Booth


Empathy can bring vulnerability, but it's also a strength.

Video Interview Transcript

Empathy can bring vulnerability, but it's also a strength. It's a strong trait to have. You've got to be emotionally robust to empathize with other people because you can be experiencing their pain as well as the positive stuff.
But when used and channeled in the right way, the ability to empathize can be a really powerful positive force. It's not just a soft surrendering, a kind of thing which I think some people who take a more hawkish or aggressive approach to things, will dismiss empathy as a soft negative thing, that you won't get what you want. But if you can really empathize and use that as a skill and a tool you're more likely to get what you need and want by being able to interact and to understand the other and to change the whole situation through that understanding. Yeah, that's something that people shouldn't miss. They should value empathy and use it in a way.

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