Two ways to respond to diversity

From Sharon Booth

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Video Interview Transcript

Yes. I think that when it comes to understanding about diversity there can be two reactions to that, generalizing obviously, but two main reactions. One is a sense of fear, threats maybe, and this can breed prejudice. If people are faced with complexity, diversity, difference from themselves then that can be a very natural human response. You create the in group and the outgroup and you start to build these identities and then set those identities against each other in some way based on the difference. Or you can have a different response. You can have a response where you want to learn more and you embrace and can actually find diversity stimulating and interesting. And it can change you and build your character and help you ask questions about yourself if you can face difference in others and feel comfortable with it instead of feel threatened by it. Yeah, so that's essentially why I set up solutions not sides because I realized that a lot of conflict in the world is based on on creating these groups against each other and then exploiting difference for building prejudice and for building enmity.

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