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Dealing with our anger: the first major step in praticing nonviolence

From Arun Gandhi

More than 80% of the violence that we face is generated by anger.

Video Interview Transcript

The more I think about everything and the more I see what's going on in the world, I think learning how to deal with our anger is very important and that's the first major step in practicing nonviolence. Because today experts say that more than 80 percent of the violence that we experience in our lives is generated by anger. And so I would urge everybody to do whatever they can personally as well as I think in schools from kindergarten and all the way up to high school. And we need to teach children what anger is and how it can be used intelligently and for the good of humanity and give them the means to, instead of abusing anger, learning how to channel it intelligently. That would be a major step in reducing violence.

Discussion starter questions
  • How do you deal with your anger?
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Director's note

Arun Gandhi finished this long 2 hour and 30 min interview with those important thoughts: what is the most important call for humanity?Learning to deal with our anger.

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