Being a human who is reconciled with her/himself

From Ziad Fahed

Video Interview Transcript

A homo reconciliare a human who is reconciled first with himself and with herself. How we can be inspired and reconciled and accept our journey and our own background, our own beautiful heritage. But how we can use this own heritage to be a real homo reconciliare, a own reconciled, spreading this voice of reconciliation around us and all together celebrate this beauty of being different, this beauty and this dignity of being different.
And then, at this moment when it will be a real homo reconciliare, we can and sure we can be and we can celebrate this beautiful cosmic dance of dialogue. This cosmic that's where we are to celebrate our differences where we cannot fear or differences but we will celebrate and we will use these differences as a space not to be in a ghettoes but as a space to meet the one who is different, to meet the other.

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