Boko Haram problem

From Hajiya Binta Bakari


The abandoned children will turn to us if we can say, "Hey you are important. I think I understand your pain. Come to me."

Video Interview Transcript

This is the reason to me, all that creates Boko Haram, because we don't care about these children. We don't show them love. We don't show them empathy. The society abandoned them. The parents abandoned them. The family abandoned them. The government abandoned them. Who would you expect them to turn to? They have to turn to someone who suddenly say "Hey you are important. I think I understand your pain. Come to me." And they will come to you. You see them all over the street in the north, most places, most cities you go to. Let us ask ourselves whose children are these? If the parents have abandoned them, isn't it the responsibility of the community and the government to do something about them? Why do we all look at them as this is not my problem? Whose problem are they? It is a collective response. They are all our problems.

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