Offering a space in our heart disk for the other

From Ziad Fahed


It's a "heart disc" where we can download as many realities, as many images.

Video Interview Transcript

People in different way react to their own religion. There are some people who do use their religion as a way to meet the other and the way to go and to discover and to celebrate this cosmic dance of dialogue. And there is other people who use their religion, who use a culture sometime and to be enclosed and to close themselves into kind of a ghettos where there is no possibility to meet each others.
And there is different kind of ghettos nowadays. We can use this ghettos through our, maybe sometimes when we are you watching our TV when we don't listen to the voice of the other. When we don't offer a space in our heart disk. It's not a hard disk. It's a heart disk where we can download as many realities, as many images. Where is no restriction in this heart disk, where we can, so how we can use my channel. The challenge of today for me is how we can use this heart disk to download this cosmic dance of dialogue, this beauty of being different.

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  • If you are religious: Does the way you put into pratice your religion help you be a peace maker?
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