Mirror neurones – be the change

From Andrew Newberg

Video Interview Transcript

When you talk about Gandhi saying: "Be the change that you would like to see in the world" the idea that how you act and how you behave will affect the world; well it turns out that there is a neurological basis behind that as well. Within all of our brains, there's something called mirror neurons and those mirror neurons do just that. They kind of mirror what we see. And so if somebody smiles at us then there's some part of our brain that smiles as well. If we see somebody being compassionate and forgiving to someone then we feel compassionate and forgiving within ourselves. And if we see somebody punishing and hating somebody we feel punishing and hating inside of ourselves. So there is a lot of truth to the notion of being the change that you think should be in the world because as you do it you bring other people along. It may be initially just your friends and your family but then as they do the same thing and so on and so on. You can engage so many more people in those kinds of positive attitudes and if you get the you know enough of a force of individuals behind that perhaps you will affect those kinds of peace changes that are required, the changes that are required for peace on a much more global scale.

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