Spiritual environment change your brain

From Andrew Newberg

Video Interview Transcript

Well, certainly the more people listen to any particular idea the more that becomes part of the way their brain thinks. And so if a person is going to a church for example where they are espousing a great deal of love and compassion and loving your neighbor and loving your enemies and feeling joy and feeling the love of God then those are the feelings that continue to suffuse who you are and they change your brain to feel those positive feelings and you actually even feel it in your body itself.
Whereas if you're sitting there and somebody is telling you about hating your enemy and killing those people who don't feel the way that we feel then that fosters anger and anxiety and stress within the brain. It turns on the limbic areas and the autonomic nervous system to get ready for that fight or flight response. And if it happens over a long periods of time then those particular connections in the brain become stronger and stronger stronger at the world very much in an us versus them with anger and hatred. And it becomes certainly much harder to redirect that kind of an individual into a much more positive way of thinking about things. That can be done. But it's not easy.

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