How to make postive feeling grow

From Andrew Newberg

Video Interview Transcript

Well I think you can certainly make a lot of these different feelings including optimism grow within a person. People have looked at various simple exercises focusing on the loving kindness meditation focusing on feelings of gratitude for example. What are we thankful for is another way of doing it. My colleague and I have talked about what's called the inner value exercise where you focus on your inner values and it's a little meditative process where you take a few deep breaths and then you ask your self a question. What is my inner most value? And maybe it's family, maybe it's respect, maybe it's love, and whatever it is. And then the question becomes is are you using your inner most value in your life. And so if you feel that respect is your inner most value are you respecting yourself? Are you respecting your family? are respecting the people who you're interacting with? or are you respecting your enemies? in such a way that ultimately leads to a more positive kind of interaction. And so, there are a number of different approaches that people have taken. And when you start to think about the brain itself I mean we have the structures and the functions that our brain has. How we utilize them is always a little bit different. So if you do loving kindness meditation it changes your brain in one way. If you do mindfulness meditation changes your brain in a slightly different way. If you do prayer changes your brain in a slightly different way. But all of them are involving in network of structures that the more you utilize them hopefully in a positive way the more those ideas and beliefs become the way in which you look at the world around you. And that can be extremely valuable for you as an individual. It's good for you and your overall mental health and well-being and physical well-being but it's also good for the larger community and society and maybe all of humanity at some point.

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