No way that I’ll go back to hating people

From Arno Michaelis

Video Interview Transcript

A question I get quite a bit especially when I'm talking with young people is they ask me if I'd ever go back or if you know if I ever feel like I'm slipping back into those racist ways of thought. And my answer is always a very firm No, Not at all, Never. And the reason why is because today I have people in my life who are really every kind of person I used to hate: Jewish people, Muslim people, gay and lesbian people, bisexual transgendered people, people of every ethnicity, black, Latino Asian, Indian. And all of these people are not only dear friends of mine who I truly love and appreciate every day but knowing them has made my life a richer experience. And it's something that I wouldn't trade for anything. So that experience that I get from celebrating diversity is something that's very precious to me. And I when I talk to people who are still enmeshed in hate groups I point out that I've lived the way they have for seven years. They haven't walked my path. And until they do, they don't know what they're missing. So it's kind of my job to celebrate what they're missing and hopefully set an example for them as well.

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