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Changing our inner lenses

From Arno Michaelis


When I changed my lens and put the one that sees the best in all human beings, it changed the way that I experienced the world.

Video Interview Transcript

It sometimes sounds like science fiction but I truly believe that as human beings we can shape our own reality in that sense of being aware of that lens. And my evidence of this is as a white power skinhead my lens told me that white people were different than everyone else better than everyone else and at the same time in danger of being wiped out by everyone else in this world of fear and hate and ignorance.
And simply changing that lens, the one that sees the best in all human beings and the best in life, change the way that I experience the world. And it literally changed everything in the world around me even though it was me that changed.

Discussion starter questions
  • What is the main way you look at the world?
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