innerpeace, you need to fall in love with

From Arno Michaelis

Video Interview Transcript

I think making peace with yourself the inner peace is really the foundation of outer peace in the world. And unfortunately I think that's missed quite often. We get caught up in what's happening in the world around us and there are some really acute issues that need to be addressed on the spot. But if we don't address those issues from a place of inner peace we really run the risk of making them worse. So again I understand my inner peace is a tactical necessity. And as a Buddhist I meditate regularly. To me that's my way of practicing inner peace and cultivating it. At the same time it's always going to be a process and never like a finished product. It's never a destination. I say quite often that peace building is a process that you need to fall in love with. And it essentially means you know you work on this inner peace and once you've kind of attained a state of inner peace you can now manifest outer peace and you can help other people do that. And we could have an afternoon of peace, a day of peace, maybe a week of peace, maybe 10 years of peace and then something really messed up happened. Everything comes crumbling down and then you pick up the pieces and start all over again. And that's life. That's how things work. And when you can love that process you win at life. And in that sense I feel I do win at life nowadays and it's really a gift to help other people process as well.

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