Passive violence

From Arun Gandhi

Video Interview Transcript

One thing also that my grandfather taught me which not many people are aware of is the concept of passive violence. We think a lot about the physical violence and we see it all the time everywhere. And so we want to put an end to physical violence. But we have not paid any attention to the passive violence that goes on in society. And passive violence is all the kinds of things that we do to one another where we don't use any physical force and yet we hurt people by simple things like wasting food. Now in the United States alone it is said that every year we throw away a hundred and sixty billion dollars worth of food into the garbage when there are so many people that are living in hunger in this country not only all over the world, but in this country. So all of these things that go under passive violence like greed and selfishness and hating and prejudice and hundreds of things, exploitation, all the things that we do to one another individually and collectively as societies and nations. That is what builds up. That is the fuel that ignites physical violence. So if we want to put an end to that physical violence we have to cut off the fuel supply. And since the fuel supply comes from each one of us we have to become the change we wish to see in the world. If we don't recognize our weaknesses and change those weaknesses into strengths we are never going to be able to create peace. We may resolve a conflict but we won't create peace.

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