Nonviolence is active love

From John Dear


We don't kill people who kill people to show that you shouldn't kill people.

Video Interview Transcript

I would define nonviolence then as act of love that pursues the truth of our common unity that we're all one, already reconciled. Every human being on the planet is your very sister and brother. And so we're persistently reconciling with everyone, and rooting out the violence within each one of us and standing up publicly to stop and resist and transform all these structures and institutions of violence practicing what I call unconditional universal non retaliatory sacrificial love for all human beings and all creatures in the whole creation. It's so beautiful. But there's one catch with nonviolence, and that's what the word helps. And that is, there is no cause however noble for which we will ever again support the taking of a single human life. We do not kill people for a just cause or any reason. We don't kill people who kill people to show that you shouldn't kill people. The days of killing are over.

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