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Is nonviolence the future of humanity?

From Jacques Besson

There is a serious hope that mankind will be able to evolve toward nonviolence, peace and love.

Video Interview Transcript

I think the evolution of mankind is not terminated. We have to go to peace and love. The highest levels of the mind and the conscience is inhibition. The more you're evolving in the phylum, in the evolution of life, the more you are able to inhibit your drives, your behaviors. Nonviolence is the achievement of violence.
When you are able to inhibit your violence, you go to forgiveness, you go to compassion and compassion is this basis of happiness. So there is a serious hope that mankind be able to go to maturity. But there is a long way.

Discussion starter questions
  • Do you see an evolution in your own life as far as how you respond to violence/pain/hurt?
  • ...

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