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Violence is forgetting who we are

From John Dear

Violence is forgetting who we are: human beings and beloved ones of the God of peace.

Video Interview Transcript

Violence is forgetting who we are, the minute you forget: "I'm a human being, I am the beloved one of the God of peace", well, I forget that I am violent to myself, that I can be violent to you because you're not a human being. We start forgetting who each other are. And certainly they're not humans. Let's dehumanize them. You know we use racism or sexism or they're immigrants or different religion or they're just different. But ultimately you dehumanizing people of a different nation you call them enemies and you can kill them. Non-violence then is remembering who you are. It's a beautiful way to look at this. And that's why it's a spiritual practice, but it's also has powerful political implications. More and more of us need to wake up through mindfulness, prayer, consciousness. We are sisters and brothers of every human being on the planet. We are all one.

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