Three attributes to be nonviolent

From John Dear

Nonviolence is way beyond a tactic or a strategy or even a political methodology. It's actually a way of life.

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Video Interview Transcript

As I studied Gandhi and Dr. King and tried to grapple with how do you define nonviolence and talk about it. I think they reached a kind of holistic integral nonviolence nonviolence requires three simultaneous attribute. You have to be really nonviolent to yourself. You have to be really nonviolent to every human being you meet for the rest of your life. and the creatures and creation itself. And you have to be part of the grassroots movement of nonviolence. While nobody likes that because it's hard. It's almost impossible. Anybody can be violent by the way. Violence is easy. That's where we're used to that. I'm trained in violence but nobody wants to go that Gandhi and King and level of holistic nonviolence and we need to train ourselves. So that's why it's way beyond a tactic or a strategy or even a Political Methodology. It's actually a way of life. And should be what every religion is about. But I'm arguing it's about our humanity

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