Freedom to forgive or not

From Robert Enright

Video Interview Transcript

Are there certain incidents in life that are so horrific, nobody should practice forgiveness? So my answer to that is I have never seen such an incident. I have a friend in Montana who lost a daughter through kidnapping and murder. She has forgiven the man and was willing to fight against the death penalty for him before he took his own life in prison.
I have known people who forgiven betrayals, abandonment. There is nothing that you could name that I probably could name at least one person who has forgiven.
So here's the take home message on that. If a person would be horrified about forgiving let's say the murder of a child. We have to make room for the freedom of those who are drawn to that banquet table and see the beauty of forgiveness and choose willingly because they're drawn to it to forgive. We should not condemn them if they forgive nor should we condemn the person who won't forgive that or forgive the person for that, we don't forgive events, we forgive persons. So we have to be gentle and not judgmental. Would we have a horrific event if someone says I will never forgive that, that's their choice. But if someone says I will forgive, there sometimes is a tendency to even condemn that because it seems so unfathomable, let the person be who they are, and when a person says I would never forgive the murderer of my child that is their statement today. It is not necessarily their final statement. They may change their mind in a year or two.

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