Reconciliation and opportunities for peace

From Assaad Chaftari

Video Interview Transcript

I did not only say I'm sorry and ask for forgiveness but I visited and met some of my victims who are still alive or some relatives also. And you know it's as if they are they were waiting for something like this to happen. People who suffered suffered a lot. They were so generous, really. That I was very very touched and went home and maybe it was an occasion for me to cry again you know this time of being thankful really for them and for God for having put me in this experience of change and apology and reconciliation. Sometimes it was very tough you know sometimes people refuse to forgive you and I accept that and understand that a lot. I'm not expecting people to forgive.
But I hope to heal some wounds. You know this is the only thing I'm trying to do. I'm not looking for forgiveness but I asked people to forgive you know and I do believe that God has his own ways and his own timing maybe you know so maybe something that I say today will have an impact in 20 years, who knows! I'm not looking for results you know I'm rather looking for a real spiritual and moral opening, opportunities you know of a better situation or a better world even sometimes.

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