The other when you meet him stop being the other

From Assaad Chaftari

Video Interview Transcript

That other once you meet him he stops to become the other you know. And this is what is really strange. I mean you live, I don't know how many long years living with the idea that there is another. And this helps you to helps your ego you know at a certain level. But when you meet the other who stops to become another for you you discover his beauty you discover that he is different, yes. But this is a plus that you add to your knowledge to the way you live to your style to your way, to the way you think because he is carrying also his own culture what he brings as good things for your own culture too so you have a larger culture to select from.
Yes, I was enriched really by meeting and having now close friends and the people I work with who were the other previously. Now I don't see them any, I don't look at them as different as other but people like me who might add something new to my life you know. And at the end I discovered too late something that under this flesh we are all red. Our skeletons are all white. So it's ridiculous the idea is really ridiculous at the end once I understood this, I am not even able to call myself as a Christian Lebanese Arab living in the Middle East. You know I'm part of humanity you know and I don't think that I have any one I can call other now, nowadays you know. Now it's someone who might be different but I don't look at him as a danger or as really something that I should not deal with or not at all, no.

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