Moving from a Closed to an Open Religion

From Dave Andrews

Video Interview Transcript

As we reflect on our different religious traditions, both Christians and Muslims, we need to realize that there is a way of framing our religion that actually can help us be open to one another, and there's a way of framing a religion that closes off of to one another. We can frame our religion as a closed set, where we consider we are right and the others are wrong. And that makes dialogue very difficult. It becomes even more difficult when one person is converted from one tradition to the other, and in the process they reject that the tradition from which they come. That does not open up dialogue, that closes down dialogue. The way to open up dialogue is to recognize that we come from different traditions, but God is bigger than our tradition, and God can speak to us through one another's traditions. And if we are open enough, we can actually listen to one another and learn from that which God can teach us through one another's religions

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