Without peace there is no life

From Hajiya Binta Bakari

Video Interview Transcript

Without peace, there is no life as far as I'm concerned. Because if we don't make peace, all of us cannot have peace. It's like if there is no peace in your community, you would be like a dog who sleeps with one eye open, one eye close. But if we all come together and agree to make peace among ourselves, then peace will reign all over the community. So it is very important to have peace. Because without peace there is no life, there's no happiness. If you don't have peace, you won't be able to to sleep well, you live in fear, you are not sure of your next door neighbor. But if you come together and make peace, then it's better for everyone. Is the way forward for you to live happily, to be able to laugh, to be able to love, to be able to give, you have to have peace. So it's very important, in every aspect of life, without peace, there is no life.

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