My faith was enriched by meeting people from other faith background

From Don Mosley

Video Interview Transcript

My own faith as a Christian has grown stronger, I think, because of my work like this refugee work here at Jubilee with people from Buddhist backgrounds, from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds, other backgrounds. Partly because we have seen so many warm hearted mothers and fathers and families that have come here for those other backgrounds, who also love each other, who love their children, who put the same values into action that I believe Jesus taught and that I tried to follow as a Christian and love bridges those gaps. And very often the people who are most concerned about oh keep those Muslims out, it's because they teach I would say for me a kind of a different kind of Christianity. They don't really hear what Jesus said about reaching out to your neighbor, loving your neighbors, loving even your enemies, loving the Samaritans, who are very different from Jews of Jesus time. And he talked constantly about reaching out across and loving people when they are your neighbors. My own faith as a Christian has grown deeper, not shallower, but deeper. And I want to be more like Jesus was as I'm convinced he was toward people with different faiths. It doesn't mean I want to become a Muslim. No, I want to become even more of a Christian because I love the Muslims around me and I feel that from them as well. Yeah.

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