Reality of refugees

From Don Mosley

Video Interview Transcript

The reality is that the refugees and we are experts, I mean, we've been working with refugees for close to 40 years now. The reality is these people, not only are they almost always the victims of war and terrorism and the things that we are concerned about properly so these people are the victims. But it's also true that these are the most carefully selected people who come in to the United States. They don't just open the door and say, OK, anybody who wants to come, you be a refugee in the USA, you know. These people go through ever on the average, about two years of investigation, background checks, many interviews, this kind of thing. I look on refugees as a wonderful treasure in the long run for the United States. For one thing, most people don't understand this or don't know this, but the refugees almost always come to the United States through the International Organization for Migration, which gives them a loan for the travel to the United States and they are responsible to pay that loan back over the next two years after they get jobs. That's just one example. These people almost always are people with great courage. There are survivors who have come out of situations that would that would wipe out many of us who have never experienced that. And more often than not, within months, certainly within two or three years, they are not only quite self-sufficient, working very hard, but they even helped to create jobs for other people. We are doing far more violence to other people by shutting the door to these people than we are in danger of from them doing to us. They are a beautiful asset to the United States, to European countries, to any country they go to. These are people with courage, with faith, with with rich diversity of backgrounds that always build up countries that they go into.

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