Acting our way into new ways of thinking

From Don Mosley

Video Interview Transcript

My friend Tom Boone descended from actually from the brother of Daniel Boone, the famous explorer in the United States, Tom Boone told me one time: " Don, you far more often act your way into new ways of thinking than you think your way into new ways of acting." And Tom, his words got through to me and my even my dull little brain, I began to realize, boy, this is true, this is true. And so when we go out and we meet people and we we work together with people, I've built houses, Habitat for Humanity houses in many countries around the world where people were fighting before. I've been up on the scaffolding in Lebanon, for instance, between a Christian pounding nails here and a Muslim pounding nails here. And their families have been fighting each other before, but now they're acting their way into new ways of thinking. That kind of compassionate action, going out and putting your love into action with refugees, with homeless people, with whatever situations, that drives out fear that overcomes violence and makes a different a better world more than anything else I know. Acting our way into new ways of thinking.

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