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Normally, the playgrounds are full of children. The cabines all around us here have families living in them. There's life, there singing, sometimes there'll be people here from the Congo, at the same time, there'll be people from Southeast Asia, from Burma and people here from other countries, mixed together and those children playing together. That's normal at Jubilee for most of the past thirty seven years. Right now, we're in a very sad, abnormal time, thanks to the executive order of President Trump cutting off all of the entry of the refugees for at least the next four months. We don't know beyond that and there is a growing kind of fear of refugees. And of course, this is not just in the United States, sometimes it's around Europe and other parts of the world as well. But right now it's especially intense in the United States, because the people who have these fears and negative stereotypes about who those refugees are, they're terrorists or something. They do not understand the reality of the fact that these people, these beautiful children and women and men are themselves more often than not, they're the victims of terrorism.

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