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Difference becomes less significant

From Don Mosley


All the old ideas of politics and racism and religious differences and things, those become less and less significant.

Video Interview Transcript

The most important thing of all I think that we have discovered over the years and working with all of these thousands of refugees, and that included you know perhaps half of them have been children, so we're talking about somewhere around 2000 children have come here from all parts of the world, the thing that has been the most important discovery for us, or experience for us has been meeting these people and falling in love with them over and over and over again just thinking, "Oh what beautiful children these are, what beautiful children!"
So that the differences and cultures and races, colors, religions, whatever, that have become insignificant compared to feeling that these are my brothers, my sisters, my children. These are beautiful beautiful children that we love year after year. You know this playground out here that maybe you can see behind me, that playground usually is full of 5, 10, 15 children swinging and sliding and having fun. How can you not love all those children? All the old ideas of politics and racism and religious differences and things, those become less and less significant.

Discussion starter questions
  • How strongly do you cling on your ideas of politics, religions and race?
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Director's note

Walking in the Jubilee Partners community was a special experience. First there was a panel indicating that weapon are forbidden on the property which is something not common for a European like me. And then the welcoming spirit and the love for all people manifested itself in how they helped thousand of refugees, death row people, nonviolence demonstration and so on.
Don has a rich life's experience and it was great to be able to learn from his wisdom.

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