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Love is your religion put into pratice

From Hajiya Binta Bakari


When we love each other, we are practicing our religion.

Video Interview Transcript

What is important in the two religions is love your neighbor, give love, forgive one another, is all there is in religion anyway. If you don't forgive one another, if you don't love each other, they are not practicing any religion in the first place. Whether you're a Christian or a Jewish or a Muslim or a Hindu, without love and forgiveness, then what are you practicing? You're not practicing love! Because God is love. God is forgiveness. I mean, you committed a sin you say: oh Almighty Allah, forgive me or God forgive me. You are expecting the God that you don't see but you believe exists to forgive you. Then why won't you forgive the one you can see, it doesn't make sense.
We believe that God loves us. He created all this world for us, put everything in it for us. God love us immensely. It doesn't matter what religion you belong to. God love us. Because everything on there is for everybody. He didn't say: it's only for Jews. It's only for Hindus or Muslim or Christian. He put everything in abundance for everybody, everything he created ! And there's space for each and every one of us is enough abundance for us to share, for us to have. And that is love by the Almighty himself. And you seek forgiveness from God. He gives you forgiveness. Then why won't you allow to practice what he has taught you? What God has taught you is love. What God has taught you is sharing, what God has taught you is forgiveness. That is religion. Not praying five times a day. Not going to church every day or on Sundays, it's not. Without this, your are not practicing nothing as far as I'm concerned, nothing!

Director's note

What does it mean to practice our religion? If we don't love each other, does that make any sens at all?

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