Dialog is not easy but is not difficult too

From Ramez Salamé

Video Interview Transcript

I do not say that dialogue is easy. No it's not. But it's not difficult too. What counts is not what you expect from the other but what is moving you to go to the other person and open a dialogue with him. If you really are searching for the truth, because truth is important - there cannot be peace, real peace at the expense of truth - so if you go with this spirit to the other person, I think the other person will get open and will be more willing to start the kind of dialogue with you. But how to make people love the truth and be convinced that no true peace can come at the expense of the truth ? This is another task, another mission. But I think people are waiting. People are waiting for those who have paid the price. The price of deep peace in their own lives to be inspired by them.

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