What I do everyday to be aware of me

From Ramez Salamé

Video Interview Transcript

I think the effectiveness of a person is something tested every day. And if you don't succeed in this test, then you lose your effectiveness. And so it's a complete, it's a continuous struggle every day to be up to this task or to this call to bring change you know to our countries, our societies, our world. And very often very often you will have to win this test or to succeed in this test in the very small things you have to do every day in your family, in your work, in the wider society. So, and I feel today the thing which empowered us, the thing which empowers us to do that for me has been this time of quiet which I have been faithful to let's say half an hour or 45 minutes or even one hour every day of just going back to my self as a believer, going back to my scriptures and writing down. What I do is to write down you know the thoughts that come to me and especially those thoughts which sometimes are disturbing you know like say sorry to that person or someone is expecting you rightly to do something for him. You haven't done it you know so do it. And of course this is a personal what you call it, a personal thing to do. But we as friends also meet to say once a week or once every two weeks we meet together and have a quiet time together and then share our lives together, you see. And in this way we encourage each other. Yes. Yes. We come back to Love you know. We come back to love which is a tough thing. It's not a question of sense of feelings. It's a question of will. Love really is not love until it moves your will. And we say when it moves your will then it means action.

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