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Neuroplasticity is a hope for healing

From Jacques Besson


The brain is a living thing and a marvellous organ which is new every day.

Video Interview Transcript

Personally, I think that the biggest discovery of the 20th century was neuronal plasticity. Science has shown that the brain is a very living thing and a marvellous organ which is every day new. What you practice has an effect in the brain. We say neuroscience that neurones who fire together wire together. And this is a very good news for psychiatrist because if the patient have that habit, negative inner discourse, he comes to us with cocaine or depression or schizophrenia and we help the patient to improve his vision of the world. The illness is the illness of course. But there is a flexibility.
You can improve the patient even if he's a scared schizophrenic. He can be a happy schizophrenic, it's possible. So, the neuronal plasticity allows us to be, you know, to be very very hard working with these patients because we know that when we practise psychotherapy, we practice networking with nice people, we practice mindfulness or whatever the form of psychotherapy, we know that psychotherapy wires neurons and the people can get some autonomy. They can keep what we teach in the psychotherapy and they can they can use it for themselves and they can be more free, more autonomous. So yes, I believe that all these can be trained and I know it is effective because there is some brain imagery that show the improvement of some circuits about autonomy and emotional flexibility. We can see after already after two weeks of daily practice some measurable changes in the brain when you make some meditation with some intensity during two weeks.

Director's note

In this interview, Jacques Besson share his experience with working with patient who have addiction problems. He has seen first hand the effect of neuroplasticity and he share what it is and how it is an excellent news for the hope of healing for each one of us.

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