The crisis of civilisation

From Jacques Besson

Video Interview Transcript

That's true that we are now in a crisis of civilization. And crisis of civilization provokes three symptoms according to Victor Frankl who is a psychoanalyst in Auschwitz. And when he got out of Auschwitz, he had the diagnosis of crisis of civilization. And he told the three symptoms are depression, aggression and addiction. This is called the existential void. And this void is a catastrophical fall for the society because people take any pleasure, any satisfaction, whatever they are, they have.
Spirituality is the answer of course because if you are looking for the meaning you are not in the civilization of taking and having. The civilization, the most adult, the most evaluate civilization is not to have but to be and not to take but to give. That's why we have some work in our world to improve the civilization. But the Dalai Lama is quite precise on this point. He is thinking that we need to spiritualize the world if you want to globalize the world. No globalization without spiritualization. And his last book is Beyond Religion going the way of the natural need of people. This is a beautiful project for mankind.

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