Type 2 changes

From Jacques Besson

Video Interview Transcript

In the cybernetic territory in psychiatry, we consider two kinds of change. There is a type one change. And a type two. I'll give you an example. If you are making a dream and a bear aggresses you in the dream, you have three options. You can fight. You can flight. Or you can make the dead. This is a type one answer. A type two answer would be to awake. And all the spiritualities I know are proposing type two changes.
Like in the Alcoholic Anonymous, the question is not to drink or not to drink. The question is, what am I doing with the higher power. This is type two change. The real problem is not alcohol or not alchohol. Your problem is to have a happy life. This is an analogy. And spirituality is always that kind of proposal, like the conversion in Christianism. All of a sudden you say, wow! The world is different. My life is different. My comprehension of the world is different. So I will behave in another way, I can do it.
I can give you another example. It is about a near-death experience. I supervised a thesis about near-death experience in this university and it well, it was very interesting to consider what the people were going after the near-death experience. Okay. Most of them had deeply changed their lives. All of a sudden I understood, that there is another life which is possible already on Earth. And almost all of those people were going to wisdom and love. So, there is a natural ground on this. That's why I call spirituality a natural need. And this is the way we have to go. Type two changes.

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