The Question We Need To Ask Ourselves

From Dave Andrews

Video Interview Transcript

I have now been engaged with Muslims in many parts of the world. In ... In Sri Lanka, in India. in Pakistan, in Nepal. But also in America, and in England, and in Europe. One of things I find over and over again as I encounter Muslims is, contrary to the public discourse in the media, (which is so hateful and so horrible and so hurtful) a willingness to to find a way forward together. I can remember sitting with Imam Jamal Rahman. We were having a coffee the day after an attack in Paris. It was a terrible extremist terror attack. I asked the Imam: ‘Brother, how are you going to respond to this today, when people come up and talk to you?’ He said: ‘The question I will ask everybody is - what can I do to heal the hurt that we have caused one another?’ Now that is a beautiful question, a wonderful question, freighted with mercy and grace, which gives a way forward for us to come together, to find a way through this pain that we suffer together. And that's more often than not, the attitude I find in Muslim communities in different places around the world. And I am most encouraged by that. Because it gives me a reason to hope that we can transcend this so-called ‘clash of civilization’ and we can find a way together that actually does reflect that spirit of the Bismillah

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