Discovering Our Common Humanity

From Dave Andrews

Video Interview Transcript

So one of the problems that Christians and Muslims have is that we tend to see ourselves as competing religions. In a zero sum game, either we're going to win and they're going to lose or they're going to win and we're going to lose. And while we identify ourselves fundamentally as Christian and Muslim we are locked into that so-called ‘clash of civilizations’. You can never solve a problem at the level of which it's presented. The only way you can solve a problem is by going deeper. And the only way we can solve this problem of ‘us’ and ‘them’, between Christians and Muslims, is by going deeper to discover our common humanity. Yes we are Christians. Yes we are Muslims. But fundamentally, we are both humans. And it's as we go beyond just our narrow definition of religion, and remember that we are all created in the image of God as human beings, then together we can come together in unity and then reflect on this - the significance of both our similarities and differences.

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