The Blessing Of The Bismillah

From Dave Andrews

Video Interview Transcript

When we have an open attitude towards one another's traditions and and are open to what God can teach us through the other, it opens up the possibility of great blessing. When I encountered my Muslim friends I asked them to tell me what they felt was the heart of Islam. And they quickly responded by saying ‘the Bismillah’. I said: ‘What's the Bismillah?’ They said: ‘bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmⁱ. And I said: ‘What's that mean?’ And they said, it means: ‘In the name of God the Most Merciful and Most Gracious.’ And I said: ‘Wow! I love that phrase.’ And they said: ‘This is the phrase that begins every Sura (chapter) in the Qur'an Qur’an except one.’ And I said: ‘Well I can embrace that wholeheartedly.’ And this has become my mantra. Because I want to live a life that reflects the mercy and grace of God.

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