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Spirituality and Religion

From Dave Andrews

Spirituality is the experience and expression of compassion for the others.

Video Interview Transcript

I would define spirituality as the experience and expression of compassion for the other. And I would define religion as the ideation and institutionalization of spirituality that both affirms and negates compassion for the other. So the challenge for people of goodwill of all religions is to discover what affirms true spirituality in their religion and what negates true spirituality in their religion.
And as a Christian the challenge for me is to find what affirms true spirituality within my tradition and challenge that which negates true spirituality. And for me that's focused on the person of Jesus and his example. And that for me is an inspiring kind of enchanting model of the way that I would love to live my life.

Director's note

Meeting with Dave Andrew was a special event. I invited him to lead a workshop in my city for both Muslims and Christians. He has such a heart for meeting other people. He gave a talk that was much appreciated.
He is fully aware of the shortcoming of his own Christian faith tradition and he can let go of that part. And at the same time he is able to cherish and be inspired by the good of his tradition.

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